Quebec – Laura Lynne McGee

Laura Lynne McGee feels her theatre training has been a priceless asset in her approach to flamenco. McGee has been performing and teaching flamenco for the past twenty years, has performed and choreographed for numerous dance companies and has produced many shows throughout her career.

• Patrick Schupp: Montréal (1983)

• Luisa Pizaro: Montréal (1984)

• Ana Maria Lopez: Jerez, Spain (1988)

• Israel Galván: Madrid, Spain (1991)

• Juana Amaya: Sevilla, Spain (1998)

• Manuel Reyes: Montréal (2000)

Laura Lynne McGee in Tarantos / Photo by Claude Villemure

This article was originally published in March 2009 and is reproduced with permission from The Dance Current.

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